Vegan Diner Food Experience

Hello everyone!

Well we are now well into April and still chugging along. I gave myself a break from the low sugar protocol to celebrate my besties birthday yesterday and let me tell you…it was amazing! I ate a ton of whatever I wanted. Sorry not sorry. I am not vegan but I honestly couldn’t believe that everything I ate yesterday was!

We ate lunch at “The Planet Diner” in Stratford Ontario. The Planet Diner describes themselves as an opposite to the general trend in restaurant food being 90 percent carnivore food and 10 percent herbivore. At this diner it’s flipped the switch to being 90 percent herbivore/plant based food and 10 percent carnivore. They do serve a small amount of dishes with local pork and eggs. The owner told us she basically wanted to create an atmosphere where families could come together and eat together despite differences in food choices, food allergies, intolerance etc. You could be a carnivore, herbivore, be dairy/gluten free and could all enjoy the experience together at one table. What a fabulous concept!

I ordered the The Planet Burger, “a sumptuous plant based beef patty, topped with sauteed onions, mushrooms and cheeze sauce, lettuce and tomato on a warm pretzel bun with planet sauce served with choice of fries or green salad.

I chose the fries and they were to die for! I inhaled everything and it was yum AF.

And it didn’t end here. Yes…I went all out yesterday.

We both ordered a sundae for dessert. We ordered the “Some Kinda Sundae” which is “two scoops of cashew icecream with your choice of homemade chocolate sauce, caramel sauce or strawberry sauce, topped with coconut whipped cream.” It did not disappoint! I could not get over how yummy this was. I have tried coconut milk based icecream but never cashew based.

And since I didn’t want my husband feeling left out while he was hard at work, I brought him home some vegan baked goodies. meat and dairy loving man enjoyed vegan donuts! But as he said…”sugar is sugar” and he would be correct lol For full transparency I enjoyed one of these vanilla dip donuts. And I do not feel bad for it! I also ordered a fritter style donut and a maple glazed donut. Brent enjoyed them last night and this morning.

I did wake up with a bit of a sugar hangover but hey in my opinion it was worth it. Sometimes you have to give your body and your brain a break from the every day grind of routine. I am back to it today trying to fill my body full of veggies, vitamins and minerals! The weight loss is coming along nicely which I will update you with at the end of the month.

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