The First Month: lifestyle changes, removal of foods, hibernation,emotional detox, psychological realizations,weight loss and more

Hello everyone!

This post is long overdue. I have been making changes where and when I can to my diet/day to day living lately to help tackle my candida overgrowth/gut issues/hormonal imbalances and just to feel better in general. It’s all connected right? And – connected to weight loss.

These changes include removing most sugars (including fruits just for a little while…I do love fruit), removing most grains or choosing gluten free when possible, removing most dairy except for butter and plain yogurt. I removed meat for a week or two and then started bringing in turkey, salmon and ground beef on occasion. I am trying to include as many cooked and raw veggies as possible and just limit processed food as much as possible. Any kind of program you undertake cannot serve everyone in the same way. We all have very unique needs. It’s important to change things up to suit your own needs and goals.

Here’s a selection of some of my meals for March.

My motto: Simple is best. Don’t get caught up in all of the details. Simplicity is key. If you have a treat meal or day it’s OK. Get back on board for the next meal or on the next day. Once I start scrolling instagram for complicated “perfect” meals, well, it all goes down hill from there.

Weight Loss: Start weight 265. Current Weight 235. Not sure how much I’ve lost in this month alone however I have been changing how I have been eating since around October and my total weight loss thus far is 30 pounds. That’s over 5 pounds per month lost. I don’t really see that much of a difference however I feel I have lost lots of bloat and inflammation is definitely going down in my belly and face. I feel better than I did and that’s something.

Emotions: My emotions were all over the place the first week or so. I think I hit every emotion possible. I was angry because I couldn’t have certain foods or fulfill certain cravings. Upset that I feel like I have been let down by certain people in my life which has lead me to being in this situation today (a very dangerous thing to get sucked into by the way) Sugar and caffeine withdrawals get me wacky! Disappointed that my body doesn’t seem to just fall in line and do what it’s supposed to do. The thing is, we can’t get caught up in these emotions. We need to be aware of them, welcome them in, acknowledge them (very important) and just let them go. We are not our emotions. Once I realized this, it became easier for me to let the weight go. It’s almost like I had been holding onto it as some sort of protection to how I’ve been feeling for so many years. I really feel that for most of us weight loss is all psychological and emotional based. Once we work these things out and pin point what’s been controlling us and learn to accept it and let it go – the weight starts to melt away.

Physically I am feeling OK. I had headaches on and off for the first week or so, all over pain in my body, weakness and just a feeling of hunger. This is pretty normal when you cut out certain food groups you have been addicted to for so long.

My sleep has been much better. I used to wake up once or twice a night at least. After a week or so cutting out sugar, I slept through the night.

Other Realizations: First week…”holy shit this is hard” End of second week “I feel great!” Like night and day! I also came to the realization that I shouldn’t really be counting the days. On certain days like special occasions or you know…Wednesday – I might want a treat that isn’t on this protocol and that has to be OK. I don’t want to feel like I am “cheating”. That’s just silly.

Finally, I have kind of been hibernating this month and taking in some DEEP rest. Avoiding people, places and things that seem toxic to me. It could be a missing puzzle piece in your healing? It’s OK to step away from anything that you feel is toxic or draining you from enjoying life or potential triggers that are keeping you from doing some necessary deep healing. The past few months I’ve really looked at my life and surroundings to see if it was fully aligning with my purpose and passions. I don’t have time for people who are anything less than genuinely good people. The truth is I can sniff that out from miles away and I can’t fake it. I don’t have time or patience for adult gossip, adult bullies and / or two faced people. I don’t have time for people who don’t believe in me and my goals and dreams. It may seem harsh but the more you distance yourself from the bullshit the lighter your life will feel 💯✌️❤️ I don’t follow false idols and nobody empowers me but myself

I’m looking forward to April, Spring showers and more deep healing and change.

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