Rewild Your Life Week Challenge Day 7/7

I am a little late posting this but I wanted to let ya know that I did finish the challenge! I came down with a nasty cold/cough on Tuesday so I have been laying low this week. There might not be much to post in the food department come Monday but we will see how I’m feeling on that front!

Rewild Your Life Week Challenge Day 7

Final Day!

” For today’s activity find a piece of cloth to use as a blindfold. Go to a quiet natural space and make yourself comfortable. Blindfold yourself and begin to let go of your need for vision- which is probably your strongest sense. Open your ears and tune in. Listen to what the natural world has to say. “

Ok – So…I must admit…I didn’t blindfold myself as I didn’t want to scare my neighbours lol but I did just sit outside and close my eyes. It was peaceful. To be honest…I usually find ways to fit something like this in my days.I feel so much better for it.

I love getting outside with my Lola gal.

If you are trying to find ways to disconnect from social media and lower your stress levels or just looking to change up your routine a little bit I definitely recommend checking out the 7 day free challenge from We Are Wildness. Get outside and have fun!

Rewild Your Life Week Challenge Day 4/7

Rewild Your Life Week Challenge Day 4/7

Tree sit

I sat under this beautiful tree for over 30 minutes. I honestly do this almost daily as I find it quite cathartic and calming. Trees have wisdom and mega healing powers. And best thing of all? It’s free to do.

When I am feeling anxious, anxiety, or getting that urge to binge eat or eat foods that probably won’t make me feel my best – I simply take some deep breaths and remind myself how great I feel after spending some time outside and usually it really does the trick! Try it out!