Raw Challenge Fail: Intuitive Eating

You guys….

Time for some real talk and transparency.

My second raw food 10 day challenge came to a halt last week after coming down with a really nasty sore throat/cough/cold type deal. In fact I am just on the tail end of it now on December 12. It definitely has stuck around! I didn’t feel the need to go to the doctors though, as my throat didn’t really hurt to swallow – I just felt it was your typical, disgusting, cough and cold. I carried on into days 3 and 4 for my raw challenge but all I wanted was warmth. I wanted all of the warm tea, warm soup, cooked potatos, toast – anything bland and warm. Yep this is how the raw challenge prematurely ended lol

At the insistence of my husband saying I should listen to my body and “feed a cold” I decided to finish my second raw challenge early at day 5 instead of day 10. I’m a little dissapointed – not really in myself just in the fact that I didn’t see the challenge through until day 10.

But this whole intuitive healing journey I am on includes intuitive eating – eating what feels right to me and when. Learning to listen to my body ques and nourishing it to health. I wouldn’t really be on this journey without that being my main focus in all aspects of my life. So in that regard, I am staying true to myself which makes me happy.

Hope you will understand and I am very hopeful that I will be at full health for my next attempt (the Medical Medium 28 day healing cleanse) which will take place in January.

I want to at least share with you some of the yummy raw food I did have during the first 5 days last week. It wasn’t all for nothing and we keep on keeping on 🙂

Hope you are all staying warm and healthy and stress free during the busy Holiday season! Will try to post and catch up again soon. Don’t forget to follow me via instagram for day to day shares. @intuitivelyhealing 🙂

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