Medical Medium Recipe Challenge – October 14 – Garlic Tahini Dressing

It can be incredibly difficult finding store bought “healthy” meaning plant based and minimal oil salad dressings or sauces these days. So I have turned to people like medical medium and other various health professionals to find quick, tasty, and very clean dips, sauces, spreads and dressings!

Drumroll for the next recipe I tried out…..

Garlic Tahini Dressing – this is definitely a 10 out of 10 for me! You can use it as a salad dressing or do what I did and add it to a savoury dish of chickpea risoni, cooked veggies and hot sauce. mmm. It made everything so creamy and garlicy! Just a handful of ingredients too will get you rockin and rollin in no time.

Ingredients: Tahini, dates, raw garlic, olive oil, water

Tahini: Tahini (sesame butter) is creamy, rich, and satisfying and can be used as a savory base to salad dressings, dips, sauces or hummus, or used as a sweet treat when mixed with honey and nuts.

Dates: Dates are an ideal food for improved energy and brain function. They are a good source of vitamin A & B-complex and they are rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, manganese, copper, and potassium. Dates are known to help build bone and muscle strength and have been used for thousands of years by athletes to improve physical endurance, agility, and stamina.

Dates contain anti-inflammatory and anti-infective properties which make it an excellent food for those who suffer with chronic infections and auto-immune disorders. They also help to control heart rate and blood pressure which offers protection against strokes and coronary heart diseases. Dates contain an easily digestible fiber that has been found to help prevent colon, prostate, lung, endometrial, breast, and pancreatic cancers. They are also known to help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, relieve constipation, improve anemia, and prevent macular degeneration.

Garlic: Has been used medicinally since ancient times. Garlic is antiviral, antibacterial, anti fungal, anti parasitic and rich in the phytochemical allicin, a sulfur compound that prevents disease.

Garlic tahini dressing in action
Creamy goodness!

This was such a satisfying sauce with tons of flavour and I will be adding it into my weekly rotation!

Have you ever tried anything with a tahini base?

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