Intuitive Living

I believe that our intuition is a powerful tool when it comes to leading an authentic, full and joyful life.

We can use our intuition when it comes to healing certain diseases or health issues and/or lessening symptoms , easing our anxiety, losing weight, how, when, what and why we eat, overcoming eating disorders and just how we live our day to day life in general. Specifically, I have discovered how powerful Intuition+Nutrition can be.

The problem is, many of us have grown so disconnected with and from our inner voice that we are unable to make that connection and move forward on our journey. We are inundated today by the negativity of the news, tabloids and social media which leads us to a glass half full mentality.

Life has become much too fast paced with too much emphasis (in my opinion) on working and living in “hustle mode”. As a society we are burnt out, acquiring an endless amount of “stuff” we don’t need, spending our hard earned money with little to show for, achieving “bigger and better” and never being fully satisfied or happy with a simple life. Gone are those days.

Our world is growing and changing faster than the average human mind can keep up or cope with and we are trying to cope in all of the wrong ways. Personally, for me, it was binge eating. Which you can read about more here.

It has been my mission since experiencing burn out from a fast paced, busy life at a very young age and finally coming to re-discover my own intuition, to implement intuitive living as a healing technique and guide post of how I wish to live my life. I have taken pages from minimalism, slow living and intuitive healing to combine it into a lifestyle that works for me.

I hope to share this lifestyle with you all as much as I can and that you will be able to reconnect with your intuition once again and be on your way to living a much happier and peaceful life.