Food & Exercise Journal – August 12-18 and some BIG NEWS

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all doing well. We are officially out of the little (or perhaps not so little) 6 week challenge that I had put myself through in order to change some of my eating and lifestyle habits but I think I want to continue sharing my weekly eats and exercise as it’s something I enjoy 🙂 I have actually grown much more interested in this than anticipated.

With that being said I will have another fun little challenge coming up so look forward to that most likely starting Monday September 2. I will be completing the Medical Medium 3.6.9 Liver cleanse! I have been re reading the book and it’s definitely inspired me.

OK…lets get to the goods. I haven’t been taking as many pictures but I will share what I have.

Monday August 12

Breakfast: Coffee with silk soy cream and GF toast

Lunch: Cucumber and celery with hummus

Snack: Half cup B+J dairy free icecream

Dinner: Big salad with black beans, homemade pico de gallo, assorted veggies, cashew sauce and hot sauce

Today I had another follow up doctors appointment with my current Naturopath doctor.

Summary of appointment

We took a look at the latest results from the lab tests

  • High Iron (runs in the family) So it’s a good thing I have chosen to limit meat consumption! I have to start drinking green tea or regular tea with my meals and perhaps in the future might have to give blood regularly.
  • Try to add more protein (I’m on the fence about this) I believe we can get all of the protein we need from a plant based diet….and when someone suggests adding in more protein or a higher protein diet this is also suggesting a higher fat diet in disguise. Even so, I could always use more plant based protein.
  • She is not really sure about a vegan/vegetarian diet but will support my choices. (She advocates for low carb/keto)
  • Refilled my supplements which have been helping
  • Weighed me and I was down 15 pounds on her scale (in the evening too!) since last appointment
  • Continue to monitor blood sugar as im comfortable with (I try to daily) 2 afters after a meal
  • Continue taking supplements and increase b12 from 1000 to 2000-5000
  • Continue light to moderate exercise
  • Increase water intake

Tuesday August 13:

Breakfast: Coffee with silk soy creamer, half cup of oats topped with 1 peach chopped and some vanilla almond milk

Snack: 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds (unsalted, raw)

Unexpected brunch: Tim hortons beyond sausage lettuce and tomato and hash brown from chantel

Lunch: Sunwarrior protein powder,  1 banana, almond milk, water, ice, cinnamon and inositol supplement – protein shake

Snack: celery with hummus

Snack: watermelon

Dinner: cooked cauliflower with Heinz beans

Exercise: Short evening walk

Chantel brought me back the nicest gifts from her trip to Orlando for the Younique Convention.

Wednesday August 14

Breakfast: Coffee with silk soy creamer, half cup oats with blueberries, so delicious coconut milk yogurt (unsweetened) and peanut butter

Lunch: Medical Medium spinach soup, celery with hummas

Snack: 2 tbsps pumpkin seeds

Snack: Protein shake with chocolate sun warrior powder, banana, almond milk, water, cinnamon, ice

Dinner: High Carb Hannah cheddar and broccoli soup – delicious but next time will add some fried onions and celery and fresh garlic. Over a little bit of brown rice. Even Brent enjoyed this which is saying something!

Had a pedicure this evening in anticipation of an upcoming wedding i will be attending – was relaxing #selfcare. Also I have to mention – since changing my diet and taking better care of myself all around – I have noticed a huge improvement in the bottom of my feet. Less painful cracks and less dry skin which can both come along as a result of diabetes or blood sugar issues and infections.

Thursday August 15

Breakfast: Coffee with soy creamer, half cup of cooked oats with Bobs flax, almond milk and blueberries

Lunch: Cooked zucchini, bell peppers, gardein crispy chickun mandarin orange and a little bit of rice

Snack: Veggie straws

Snack: So delicious coconut milk vanilla unsweetened yogurt with pumpkin seeds

Exercise: Walk 40 minutes, swimming 30 minutes

Friday August 16

Breakfast: Rudolphs Bavarian rye bread toasted, 1 slice of Emmi-Swiss lactose free swiss cheese, 1 tbsp hummus and spinach, Coffee with soy creamer

Lunch: arugula raw, black beans, bell peppers, pico de gallo, mushrooms, onions

Snack: 1 cup of blueberries

Snack: Protein shake – 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon and inositol (will talk about this supplement soon!)

Dinner: Cheesy vegan pasta – delicious! Brent enjoyed this as well.

Exercise: Walk 40 minutes, swimming 30 minutes

Lola and I have shaved 5 minutes off of our typical 45 minute walk!

Image may contain: dog and indoor

Saturday August 17

Went to a wedding today. I didn’t want to be that pain that required a different meal so I just had a little bit of your traditional “wedding food” It Was fun getting dressed up but a very very hot day.

Breakfast: 2 natures path maple cinnamon waffles topped with peanut butter, maple syrup and blueberries with coffee

Lunch: Argula , pico de gallo, black beans, cucumber, cashew dressing with cheesy vegan pasta left overs

Dinner: half of a small chicken breast, cooked veggies, 2 small roast potato, coleslaw, about half a cup of red wine. I declined the gravy and heavy looking sauce for the chicken. I took 2 bites of dessert which was a homemade ice cream and then gave the rest to my husband.

It was overly sweet and I just could not have any more. I haven’t had these kinds of food since June and I am not interested in getting started again and that’s all I really have to say about that!

I need to continue on working on my confidence with the ability to simply say no to things I don’t want and things that don’t make me feel good. Why should I eat something that makes me feel like shit just to appease someone else? They don’t live in and with my body and know how I feel.

And while I didn’t want this food..I also did not want to be a pain in the butt to the bride and groom to provide an entirely other meal which I know is kind of a nuisance and costs extra money usually. The ability to say no without fear is something I will have to work on throughout my life time!

While I don’t identify as vegan or even vegetarian – I still have been eating that way 95 percent of the time as that’s when I feel my best.

I woke up at 4:30-5 am the morning after the wedding feeling like a punching bag. I was so dehydrated and swollen. I told my husband that it felt like I had inhaled a large pizza! This proves to me that I really don’t want to be going back to eating how I was. It was not benefiting me at all.

Got to shop in my closet again. I bought this dress last summer but it was far to snug on me then.
These shoes were also too narrow for my swollen feet last year. This is the first time I have been able to wear them comfortably

Sunday August 18th

As you read above I got an early start to my day. I drank 4-5 tall glasses of water to hydrate myself between 4 and 5 in the morning.

Brent had to work so he picked up some breakfast and dropped it off for me which was very sweet!

Breakfast: 1 large Tim Hortons coffee black (which I added soy creamer too) and the beyond meat, lettuce and tomato sausage biscuit with a hashbrown.

Lunch: A big salad with arugula, spinach, black beans, pico de gallo, veggies and peanut sauce

Dinner: Left over vegan cheddar and broccoli soup topped with smoked paprika and lots of dill.

I chose not to weigh myself this week as I had already checked in at the doctors office and was feeling pretty good about where I was at! I will check on the 26th and check in on here as well with that update 🙂 I choose not to weigh more than once a week for my mindset, mentality and peace of mind and heart. I will update you all with some clothing shots though and this quote which i found that sums up my health journey pretty well.

“Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health.” -Carl Jung

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing
I went shopping in my closet and found this black off the shoulder top which fits me perfectly now – before it was way too snug and I chose to never wear it. You can tell in this picture I was pretty proud!
This size 16 jean skirt from addition elle did not fit me the week before my 6 week challenge!
Six weeks apart!

Ok…now….are you ready for my big news

-insert drumroll sound-

I have enrolled in the CSNN – Canadian School of Natural Nutrition distance education program in hopes of completing and successfully achieving my diploma and certification as a Holistic Nutritionist. Kinda geeking out and excited to be a student again!

Image may contain: text that says 'SINCE 1994 csnn national'

I am so excited to learn and grow on this new exciting journey and of course share with you guys a long the way! Remember beautiful things can come out of difficult experiences.

Thanks for reading!

Knowledge is Power

Yesterday evening I had my first appointment with a local naturopath who is also licensed to prescribe bio identical hormones and NDT (natural desiccated thyroid) I had waited almost 1.5 months to see her so I was very excited despite my world being turned upside down these past few weeks (my grandpa passed away, visitation, funeral, family time etc) 

I’m not sure how many of you know this but when I was around 11-12 I was diagnosed hypothyroid and as the years carried on I had other things loaded onto my plate affecting my health including wonky hormones, skin rashes, tummy troubles and digestive issues. Regular mainstream doctors did little to dive into my areas of concern masking the symptoms with synthetic thyroid hormone pills, antibiotics, steroid creams and birth control pills. It destroyed my healthy gut levels, wreaked havoc on my healthy bacteria levels and despite different diets and pathways I took, my hormones and thyroid levels remained imbalanced. Of course…the years of hell/binge eating I put on my body also affected all of these things.

I grew very mistrusting of the medical world, specifically main stream – old school doctors and started visiting them less and less. I stopped taking synthroid (convential man made thyroid hormone) as it made me feel like crap and made my hair fall out in clumps (it didn’t help with my levels either). I came off the birth control pill as well once I turned 18. It might not have been the best choice but this is the choice I made back then for myself – to deal with these issues on my own. I felt very let down and neglected by the medical world. The binge eating got worse after age 18 until my late 20s. I wouldn’t get a handle on that until just before meeting my husband, Brent.

Fast forward almost 14 years and one massive spiritual awakening later… where I have been counselled and guided by several amazing medical intuitives who have gently guided me to getting these tests done. They made me realize that I have come to a point in my life where I need to know what is going on beyond the surface of this body. That if I don’t take care of myself things can go into a downward spiral pretty fast.

I’d like to know what is still affecting me so that I can effectively deal with it and continue deeply healing my body on a physical level. You can make all the diet, exercise and lifestyle changes but ultimately you must know what is happening beyond the surface to make further change happen. I also have to get to the root cause of my issues so that I can keep my yeast/candida issues at bay as well. 

I was very proud of myself for committing and following through to my appointment last night. Avoidance is not something in my vocabulary any longer. 

The appointment lasted 1.5 hours and she only charged me for the hour that I had committed to prior. She read over the new patient package I had filled out (everything from morning temperatures, a week of my typical diet, medical history, current medical issues, symptoms, emotional stuff etc). She also felt that stress, trauma and binge eating throughout my childhood and teens definitely could have been a trigger for some of these issues which I have always thought as well.

She did some muscle testing and pressure points on certain areas of the body. She came to the conclusion that my gall bladder is likely pretty stressed which makes HUGE sense and connects to the stomach pain and diarrhea I have been having the past few months after higher fat foods. Oddly enough, I just never made the connection  between those symptoms and my gall bladder. When she pressed on that area it was also pretty tender. She gave me a homeopathic Gall Bladder tonic, Stress B vitamins for inflammation, tanked adrenals and a liquid magnesium which is easier absorbed into the body than capsule form. If the homeopathy doesn’t seem to cut it I will be getting an ultrasound done on my gall bladder. 

Image may contain: drink

I will also have a lot of blood taken from me in the next 2-3 weeks. I am having two different blood tests done – One is for a thyroid panel and certain vitamins and the other is to check/confirm for PCOS (androgen hormones). Pcos had always been a term thrown at me in my teens by doctors but again – they just masked it with the BC pill and it didn’t help. I have just learned to deal with the symptoms in my day to day life (extra body and facial hair, weight gain, insulin resistance and more) 


My point is this….don’t be like me and go so many years SUSPECTING…but not fully knowing. TEST don’t guess…then proceed accordingly. Knowledge is power when it comes to healing! My next appointment will be in around a months time and we will go over the results. Wish me luck! 

Edited to add: I wouldn’t have to wait a month to find out the results of these blood tests….read the next blog post to find out why!