April Review – The good, the bad, the ugly

Well here we are…May.

I look back on my review of March and wonder…who was that woman? Not the one sitting here. I mean…OK we are the same woman but one is a representation of the one who has her shit together health and fitness wise…and owns her goals. The second picture is of a scattered and less interested Jocelyn. Both accurate representation of me at any given time and why I have struggled for so long on my journey. My yin and yang. Trying to welcome in both the dark and light and merge and love the two together. To be ok with how things unfold and to try harder after weaker days, weeks or months.

April started off strong…finished the Candi gone anti fungal supplements and supported that with a lower sugar diet. And then…Good Friday and Easter hit. Family returned from 5 months abroad, siblings invited over for Easter, Easter dinner at the in laws, babysitting nieces happened and life happened in general. And what can I say. I have weak moments like the next person. I had fish and chips on Good Friday. I enjoyed a big Easter dinner of steak, greek salad, mashed potato, and homemade pie. I had take out pizza and sweet desserts when family came over and ate mac and cheese with my nieces. Catch my drift? I didn’t binge though. My binge eating days are behind me. But the goals in my head certainly did not equate to what I was putting in my mouth.

I didn’t take pictures of everything but here is a selection of meals…the good, bad and the ugly (but tasty)

Eggs, homemade turkey and sage patties and veggies – staple meal
Spiraled squash noodles with tomato sauce, veggies and parm cheese
Simple spinach salad with raw dressing shown below
Sugar free chocolate mousse with toasted coconut on top
We love Lillys in this house. I like using them in pancakes.
These are birch bender paleo pancakes
Spiraled beet, turkey patties and home fries
Sometimes…you feel like makin meatloaf
We enjoyed this for a few nights…pure corn tortillas, ground beef, cilantro, salsa, tomatos and greek yogurt
Whole roast chicken
Low sugar chocolate chip cookies made with coconut flour and Lillys stevia chocolate chips
Garlic sausage, sauerkraut and mixed veggies
Smoked pork chop, mock mashed potatos (cauliflower) mixed veggies
Brought in more kefir and plain yogurt
Trying out a new protein powder (Sun warrior plant based)
Salmon from Costco – covered in dill and lemon
This is where the naughty meals come in – chicken tenders and wedges :/
Air popped popcorn as a snack one night…
Good Friday meal from a local place – all homemade. SO good – but heavy.
Random snacks for when family visited – Yes there were veggies too but this is what I took a picture of lol
London Broil from local butcher and homemade sweet potato fries
Ceaser salad

So here I am at the same weight as last month. Didn’t gain…didn’t lose. Just hanging out in limbo! I honestly shouldn’t really complain. My emotions have been good, I’ve been taking steps to try new things (group Zumba class…post on that to come) decluttered the house, lots of walks with Lola, doing more of what I love (writing and sharing) We can’t be perfect 100 percent of the time and I personally just have to learn to not to let it derail my goals for the long haul.

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