Unhealthy and imbalanced emotions from my past due to environmental, emotional and physical stressors have created many of my physical health issues that I am still working to balance today. Balancing our emotions and recognizing our triggers is critical to gaining optimal health in the present.

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Psychology of Weightloss

My weight and weightloss has been a life long struggle of mine. Once I gained some perspective and did the psychological work I was able to start releasing the physical weight. I share more about my daily achievements, growth and struggles on my blog.

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Spirituality and alternative health care and practices have played a huge part in my recovery and ability to lose weight. For the first time in over 30 years I feel like a whole person. There is definitely more to this world than meets the eye! It weaves in and out of my journey to health.

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Jocelyn is a 30 something gal currently residing in small town, rural, southern Ontario Canada.

Wife to Brent and fur mum to Lola a beautiful but rambunctious chocolate Lab.

Jocelyn is a recent graduate of The Recreation and Leisure Diploma Program at Conestoga College. She has dedicated her life thus far to working with people of all ages in all respects from community outreach, childrens programs and as Recreation Coordinator for Seniors living with dementia.

Jocelyn now shares her life and journey in overcoming disordered eating, healing from chronic candida infections&autoimmune. With a focus on the psychology of weight loss, emotional health and spirituality over on the Intuitively Healing Blog. Jocelyn also freelances for various online publications.


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